Our Rules outline the expectations we have of our members, but keep in mind that our Officers cannot moderate 24/7. Our Leadership team will handle all complaints and reports between FC Members, and we highly recommend screenshots to back up claims. These will be reviewed by the Officers.*

  1. A warning will be issued by an officer to the offending party for first-time offenses. We make every effort to educate and inform our members who may not be aware of the impact of their words or actions.
  2. A second offense will result in dismissal from the Free Company and a permanent ban from our Discord.

When approached by an officer, please accord them with the same respect and civility that you want to be treated with. The Officers work to remain aligned and consistent with our messaging, so please avoid spinning off multiple conversations with different officers on the same issue, as we’re likely already discussing it.

The decisions of the Leadership team are final and are not open to debate, however please approach an Officer directly if you feel compelled to ask questions about how something was handled.

*Egregious offenses will be handled on a case by case basis by the Leadership team, and may take longer or shorter time than outlined above, depending on the situation. To make a formal complaint, please send accompanying screenshots and information on the issue to any Officer via Discord. We strive to harbor a safe space whenever possible for our members. While the officers are also players and enjoy socializing with everyone, we take our rules and disciplinary actions seriously and without bias of in-game personal relationships.